BuckyRing Graphene

BuckyRing Graphene, and the processes developed to produce our single layer graphene dispersion are research and development products of SolarNetOne.org. The goal of this R&D was to improve available battery storage for our line of off-grid network and computing solutions through the use of graphene based devices. To do so, we required graphene in reasonable quantites, so we set out to develop a method to produce applicable materials. In this process we leveraged public domain material, circuits developed in previous R&D efforts, and new invention, combining these into a novel process and industrial scale apparatus for graphene production. Our process uses very little electrical power, and no harmful chemicals or materials.

We offer graphene dispersions at 20mg/mL, and graphene paste, sold by weight of included graphene. Custom fabrication of graphene production apparatus capable of 2kg/month per unit available. For more information, please contact us at the email address on the information sheet, available here. Click on the images below for high resolution versions.