Xtal Goo Graphene Macrotubule Crystal Growing Kit by Bucky Ring

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An interesting high surface area graphene macrotubule grows from this mixture.  Just smear some on the included silicone mold, and leave to dry.  Within 72 hours, most of the mixture will have grown crystals.

As we were playing with our graphene one day, we noticed that we had a mixture which, under the right conditions, would grow dense forests of long, iridescent, and infinitesimally thin rod crystals.  We thought this was so cool that we decided to offer some to you in a kit form, so you could experience the same childlike wonder and amazement as we did watching these crystals grow.  They may even turn out to be a useful component to your project or product. Kit includes 10,20, or 30 grams of American made graphene based mixture in a glass jar, a growing substrate, and instructions. The material consists of graphene, distilled water, and Sodium Sulfate. After the crystals dried and collapsed we imaged them using Scanning Electron Microscope. The results were the novel graphene macrotuble structures shown in the images for this product. The dried crystal powder can also be found as a related product, see Muad'Dib.

Directions for use:  Spread Goo approximately 1/2" to 3/4" thick onto silicone mat.  Place in a still location away from airconditioning or dehumidifiers, as the interaction with the ambient air is critical to maximum crystal growth.  Wait 24-120 hours for crystal growth to complete. 


Crystals grow best in a natural environment.  Avoid air conditioned areas!

if you are at high altitude, you may wish to place the Goo in a humidor for best results. We get excellent results in an area with 48-52% humidity and over a temperature range of 60F-90F.

Avoid direct air flows onto your Goo or resultant crystals.  While the air must be able to circulate around the growing surface, direct airflow will damage crystal prematurely, leaving shorter than expected yields.

Please contact us directly to order larger volumes of the Crystal Goo.

Please enjoy the following time lapse video of 8 hours of crystal growth on the goo:


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