"Energy and persistence conquer all things." Ben Franklin

Bucky Ring was founded in 2017 to meet the needs of researchers and manufacturers seeking to save the planet with graphene. We have developed a novel, highly efficient process for graphene production, without enormous power draw creating unnecessary pollution, or use of hazardous materials. Our long term goal to provide quality nanomaterials at prices which encourage research and development of products enhanced with these materials.

What you see is what you get. We are commited to selling only batches of product which have been tested by SEM, (though some batches have been tested by RAMAN or Electron Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy as well). For now we aim to leave further testing of the products beyond SEM to our customers by providing generous free graphene samples. In this way we are both keeping prices low for customers, and making this super-product available to everyone with a worthy project. Our staff have unconventional backgrounds with respect to this industry. Learn more about us below.

Flower Power   Flower Power

Flower Power, born in 2009, was the first in a line of experimental impulse devices that became a finished referenced unit. The initial experiments that SolareNetOne made with high potential impulse voltrolysis produced the FOIL-8 material from Graphoil stock.

Carbon Cracker Carbon Cracker

Carbon Cracker is a prototype hydroxy gas and graphene production apparatus. It contains specialty transistors made by as a result of R&D funding provided by  ARPA-E. Products ICEY, Thrain, Muad-Dib, and XTal Goo were created in the Carbon Cracker.

Zeus Zeus

Zeus is the maximally optimized configuration for application of the impulse method for production of graphene with currently available semi-conductors. Zeus is currently producing a large vat of 2D materials to be processed, tested, and released Autumn 2017.

Cory & Scott Cory Trusty, Lead Lab Technician & Order Fullfillment Guru with Scott Johnson, Open Sourceror

Scott Johnson

The year was 1999. In between partying (it was 1999, after all), Scott found himself disillusioned with designing handbills for nightclubs and 'till dawn electronic dance music events. He was curious about the largest machines in the world, the telephone networks and internet. While the telcos generally do not take kindly to folks trying to figure out their networks, the internet was another story.  All of the design documents were openly published, and the protocol authors themselves were often available to answer questions. About this time, a friend came along and introduced Scott to Linux, which basically provided all the code in the same way the internet protocols were openly documented. Scott spent the next two years learning to write code, exploring the intricacies of TCP/IP networking, and designing a ring architecture out of antiquated PC hardward salvaged during one particularly enjoyable dumpster diving evening. Shortly after getting his first clustered supercomputer running, he got on a bicycle, and rode North from Daytona Beach, first to St. Augustine, then to Gainesville, making lifelong friends along the way. With his destination firmly in mind, he switched to thumb in the face of the oncoming winter, and eventually landed at the Internet Engineering Task Force's 55th meeting in Atlanta, GA. Soon, a well placed telephone book ad brought him face to face with the other hero of our tale, Cory. She approached their vector of intersection from a far different direction as she observed Scott's laptop become a portable server on the internet backbone from her sales cubicle at Linux Labs.

The creation of Zeus is the pinnacle of Scott's innovation upon a mountain of technology successes. These include SolarnetOne's flagship solar powered network, replicating and verifying Thane Heins Pererpetia effect, creation of proposed unified field theory, porting linux to the IBM ESS-2015 "Shark," creation of Aquarian Bath, the first retail ecommerce server to run on 5 Watts of solar power, creation of 72-core clustered super computer drawing a total of 20 Watts, Scott also spent two years predicting solar flares and sharing sharing prediction methodology publicly on google plus. His methods provide data with vastly greater precision and accuracy than NASA, and these methods have since been adopted by other individuals. This semi-humble high genius has spent the last 8 years studying the work of a myriad of scientific and inventive titans, some of whom include Micheal Faraday, James Clarke Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, Max Planck, Eric Dollard, John Bedini,  Richard Feynman, Illya Prigongine, Edwin Gray, and Stanley Meyer. He has applied those lessons into technologies which allow power efficiency at unprecedented levels in many applications, not the least of which is the production of high grade graphene.  Scott also likes winning golf tournaments, furry kitties, rocking funky beats, normalacy disruption, and Bernie Sanders. 

Cory Trusty
Cory worked in a  Genetics Research Lab at the University of Washington as a lab technician in her youth where she co-authored papers in the journals Genetics and Development. Subsequently, Cory made a short detour into supercomputering biotech sales at Linux Labs where she met Scott. In 2008 at the height of the global economy crash, Cory founded Aquarian Bath. For the past 9 years Cory has perfected the whimsical chemistry of shampoo bar and body care formulations. Cory finds it a true joy to make customers happy, by providing consistent and quality products and lightning speed shipping. After observing seemingly endless months of putative graphene production by Scott, Cory had heard enough. Following the advice of the late Walt Disney, The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing, Cory organized the SEM testing for the first batch of  Bucky Ring 2D materials while Scott was away on business. As president of Aquarian Bath, she has provided space and moderate financial start up support for Bucky Ring. Cory also enjoys swimming a half dozen miles per week, sewing bikinis and pillows, homeschooling, Winter gardening, sipping herbal brews, reading literature, sci-fi and biographies. Cory is on standby 7 days a week waiting to ship your sample requests and fulfill your orders.

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